Australia and Canada: Top ‘Safe & Stable’ country for students during Covid-19

A survey suggests Canada is one of the most popular study destinations.

According to a new COVID-19 Regional Safety Assessment published by the Deep Knowledge Group, Australia and Canada have been ranked at the top among 20 regions in the world.

The report examined and categorized countries conforming to their “economic, social and health stability”. It used SWOT research (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats). This research checks out their preparation to manage the ongoing COVID-19 crisis.

Australia is placed in 8th place and Canada ranked 12th on the list. Australia and Canada sit among other Tier 1 countries like Switzerland, Germany, China, South Korea, Singapore, and more. These countries have coped well with their Covid-19 response as their former preparation, healthcare approach, and other strengths are associated with quick and well-founded management strategies.

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The survey tells countries considered to be ‘safe and stable’ are not necessarily viewed as being ‘open and welcoming’. Canada is one of the top countries that are considered to be both.

The study surveyed data from 200 countries. A list of 130 parameters was recorded in the following key categories :

  • 1. Quarantine Efficiency
  • 2. Monitoring and Detection
  • 3. Regional Resiliency
  • 4. Government Efficiency of Risk Management
  • 5. Healthcare Readiness
  • 6. Emergency Preparedness

According to this survey, the top 20 countries listed in their Tier 1 have “remarkably high levels of regional safety.”

The outcome in the report helps to focus on the major policy. The top-scoring regions used this policy. This could help and motivate other regions to improve their response and safety.

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