Canada Study Visa : 6 Easy Steps


Every year, 15,00,000 students apply for a Canada study visa. Besides a high-quality education system, Canada also gives a broad range of possible options and a happy and cheerful culture.

Canada is known for its peaceful environment and is considered as the best place to live a better standard of life. It has now accepted the principle of multiculturalism throughout the country and along with the UK as being one of the best places to study.

Canada is home to various world’s top universities, colleges, and some of the world’s leading research facilities and academic institutions. It has a reputation for providing attainable and quality education for international students. To choose the right program for yourself, firstly you must be aware of levels of the Canadian study.

If you are planning to study abroad, then Canada should be at top of your list. But how difficult is it to get a Canadian study visa ?

Let’s find it together!

Before you apply for Canada study visa, you require:

  • (a) an acceptance letter from a Designated Learning Institution (DLI)
  • (b) a valid passport or travel document
  • (c) a proof which shows you can support yourself, and any family members who come with you, while you’re in Canada.

So, here is the step by step guide to apply for Canada Study visa –

Step 1 : Canada Study Visa – Apply for admission at a Canadian university and get your acceptance letter

Before starting the process, you will have to finalize a Canadian University to study. After being acknowledged by university, they will provide you an acceptance letter required for the visa application.

Some Canadian Universities recommended by us :

  • (a) Seneca College
  • (b) Brock University
  • (c) Columbia College
  • (d) Conestoga College
  • (e) Lakehead University

Step 2 : Tution Fee Payment

As your education provider provides you the offer letter, you have to pay the tution fee mentioned in your offer letter.  The college/university will issue a  receipt once  they receives and processes your tution fee payment. You will need this receipt to permit your Canada student visa application.

Step 3 : GIC Account

It is mandatory for the students to buy a special Guaranteed Investment Certificate (GIC) from any of the participating bank  for the adjustment of the living expenses of the first year.

Step 4 : Medical Examination

Before applying for a student visa, The Government of Canada expects you to take a medical examination by a doctor approved by the Canadian government. After medical examination, your results will be sent directly to the embassy. Then you will get a receipt. This receipt is required while applying for visa.

Step 5 : Visa Permit

As per SDS checklist, you have to provide the documents to lodge your visa application.

Step 6 : Visa Outcome

You will get to know about the outcome of your Canadian student visa application after receiving the passport.